Warka and Gulshah

Turkiye13th Century


This is the known only copy of the masnawi (long poem of couplets) in
Farsi telling the love story of Warka and Gulshah. The miniatures were
painted by Abdulmumin, son of Muhammad, the engraver, of Hoy. His
name is also known from the waqfiyya (endowment charter) of the
Karatay Madrasa in Konya. Therefore, this manuscript, whose date
and place of production are unknown to us, is thought to have been
produced about 1250s in Konya. The beginning pages are missing and
currently the extant manuscript comprises seventy folios with a total of
seventy-one miniatures. The miniatures displaying a rich palette of colours
are designed in a horizontal frame within the text. Elements such
as the human figures and their clothes, natural environment, architecture
and tent depictions reflect typical characteristics of the Seljuk era.