Tile Inscription Fragments

Turkiye13th Century


The fragments have survived broken and missing; the biggest fragment has an inscription fragment in relief, in two lines separated with a moulding in between. The letters are white, i.e. the colour of the slip, and the background is in dark blue.
These tile inscription fragments were uncovered during the restoration of Eşrefoğlu Mosque and taken to the Museum in 2008 and they allow dating and give the name of the patron. Along with some missing parts, the inscription gives the name of the Seljuk Sultan Ala al-Din Kay Qubadh together with his titles and epithets and the date is read as “fi sana ihda wa thalathin… (in the year of … thirty-one)”. Based on the titles read, the date is ascertained as AH 631 (AD 1233/34), thus the name of the sultan partially legible is ascertained as Ala al-Din Kay Qubadh I. The provenance of this inscription and its connection with the abovementioned mosque are not clear and require a separate discussion.