Stone Relief

Turkiye13th Century


Examples of dragons, which were among figures frequently used in the Seljuk art, ornamented the Citadel of Konya as well. This marble piece, which should have been used as a console or arch spandrel, has the right side arranged with a row of muqarnas at the bottom topped with a twisting- and concave-profiled mouldings flaring out and rising. The front side of the piece is bounded with a moulding on top and is decorated with a dragon facing right on a background of foliates, palmettes and rumis. The dragon’s body makes a knot in the middle and its right foot is fitted with a decorated rumi-wing whereas another rumi leaf goes around the neck. Pointed ears, pointed teeth on the curving out upper and lower jaws, the forked tongue sticking out of the mouth are basic characteristics of the era. The second head attached to the tapering tail is rendered roughly and depicted biting itself. That the dragon’s body is left blank on the contrary to the intricate workmanship of the floral design in the background emphasises the figure.