Turkiye12,13th Century


The lower part of the jar’s body is missing. The extant fragment indicates a globular body, long cylindrical neck and a ring-shaped mouth protruding out. The decoration spreads over the entire body and neck and encompasses rich details. Wide bands bounded with a series of human masks placed side by side on the body feature zigzags formed with drop motifs and human masks scattered in between. The band along the shoulder features a series of mountain goats advancing left and this band is divided by a multi-lobed medallion, which encompasses two antithetic birds, standing back to back with their heads turned back. A ring-like band runs where the body and the neck join; this band has a series of schematised human figures seated cross-legged side by side. The neck is bounded on top with a horizontal frieze of rosettes and the wide space underneath it has vertically arranged series of rosettes, human figures seated cross-legged, drop motifs and human face masks in relief.