Neyriz Juma Mosque

Iran Neyriz 10,11th Century




The mosque was built during the Buyid period. A minaret was added by the Seljuks. Stucco decorations in the mihrab section are similar to Seğuk period stucco decorations. Therefore, it is believed that the building underwent a major repair during the Seğuk period.

The building, with a rectangular plan, has a minaret in the northwest comer. A large iwan on the qibla side opens onto the central courtyard. The iwan is vaulted and is both high and wide. Sections on three sides of the building were added to the building in later periods.

The iwan at the entrance side of the building is the smallest.

The minaret, in the northeast corner, is cylindrical and rises on an octagonal base. There is a balcony at the top. There are decorations on the minaret's body in different shapes made with brick.