Forumad Juma Mosque

Iran Damghan 12,13,14th Century




There are no inscriptions providing the construction date of the building. Research states that the building was built in the 12th century, was repaired during the Ilkhanid period, and took its present shape in the 13th century.

Decorations on the building reflect the style characteristics of the Ilkhanid period of the beginning of the 14th century. It can thus be said that the building was built in the Seljuk period and was repaired and several additions made at the beginning of the 14th century. However, it is not possible to distinguish, today, the exact location of these additions.

The names of the master builders who worked on the building are mentioned on the inscription on the mihrab. These include: Ameli Ali lbni Abulhasan lbni Mahmud el-Jami and EI-Haci el-Şeristani Simnani. However, it is not clear whether these persons are the architects or the decorators of the building. Since their names are mentioned, ft is believed that the building or the decoration had to have been carried out by them.

The Masjid-i Jami has a plan with two iwans facing a central courtyard, in the no south axis. The side sections are without iwans but are lined with arcades. There are areas with vaults supported by pillars behind the arcades. Although the upper decorative patterns of the sections of the entrance and the mihrab are intact, the sections behind the arcades of the side wings have been destroyed.

The entrance portal of the building is on the north side, next to the north iwan. The portal has been extended outward in the form of an iwan. There are stalactites inside the upper part of the ogee arch of the portal. These stalactites have no structural purpose, and were built tor decoration only. There are rich decorations in terracotta on the portal, the interior walls and the dome in front of the mihrab. These decorations were probably added to the building at a later date.


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