Hassaten Lokma


More than 4 people

 2 cups of rice

3 cups warm water + 1 tablespoon salt (for wetting rice)

½ kg of lamb meat

1 tea spoon salt

½ glass of water

1 onion (ring-chopped)

1 tablespoon of pine nuts

¼ kg carrots (matchstick chopped)

½ cup beans (boiled)

1 tablespoon currant (soaked in water for 30 minutes)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tea spoon clove (forged)

1tailed spoon cardamom (forged)

2 sweet spice salt

200 gr chestnut (half grilled and crusted)

3 watery beef broth (hot)


Hold the rice in mild water until the boil down, roast meat as long as it boils down the water in braiser and salt. In another braiser render, add onion, peanuts, brown until onions go yellow. Put the carrots, roast until the water leaves. Pick up chickpeas, grapes, spices, salt cove, turn, take from the fire, mix the meat. Wash the rice and filter. Put a row meat with carrot in the back of braiser. Place rice, repeat meat and rice in layers, respectively. Place a flat field or lid for the rice to avoid mixing. Add boiling broth slowly over the edges. Cover your braiser's lid. When it starts to boil, take it to light fire. Get the cover inside until it boil down.  Put in grease-proof paper, cover the lid again; rest for 30 minutes on very light fever.You can use a heat diffuser. Turn the rice upside down, take it to the table.

"The Mevlevi people would say morsel to the meal. But there was also a rice called 'Hassaten Lokma'. This rice was Belh- Özbek rice cooked with chickpeas, onion, carrot chestnut and fatty meat. Presumably Mevlana remained a tradition from his time. "(Gölpınarlı, Mevleviyeh After Mevlana: 416).