Bulgur dish


for 4 people
2 tablespoons Clarified butter
1 onion (edible chopped)
2 cups of bulgur
1 water-glass sheep roasting (see roasting)
2 cups of broth (hot)
1 tea spoon salt



Roast, onion with oil. Add Bulgur and roast. Add the roasting, broth, add salt, cover the lid. When it starts to boil, take it to a light fire. Cooks until the bulgur softened. Rest  for 20-25 minutes

"This is war, bulgur dish is not a meal that you eat." Mawlana.Mesnevi5, p: 568-b: 3777.

This dish is applied in Konya with onion, three or four green peppers with onions. After the bulgur is roasted, it is done by adding tomato paste or fresh tomatoes.